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Louise Sofia

Louise Sofia

I am a spiritual teacher and channel. I channel and heal with the archangels, the masters, star beings and other galactic energies. I see them, feel them and hear their light language etc.

The ones that most often come through me are: The Pleiades, The counsil of light, Sanat Kumara, Christ, Mary Magdalene, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Goddess Sophia, The Acturians and other beings of light.

I am the co-author of the book: Becoming a Master, as well as this oracle card deck: Galactic Wisdom.

I also do 1:1 sessions and facilitate my courses and events.

I am a trained Spiritual Healer and have a 4-year Psychotherapist education. I have previously worked 10 years in the IT industry, as a Manager and Project Manager. I have 5 years of pedagogical and therapeutic experience at a large school for children.


Do you want to connect?

You are more than welcome to invite me to do a video with you, or invite me to do a workshop or to do some channeling at your event.

I love heart energy and enjoy working with my clients’ guide team. I am passionate about giving everybody lots of the latest channeled information for your event or for your personal process and spiritual journey.

I am situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I also am very used to travelling in Europe.

Louise Sofia Rørbech