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Card deck – Galactic wisdom

Card deck – Galactic wisdom

Oracle card deck: Galactic wisdom

Guidance & Light Portal Cards
44 cards, a guidebook in colour with 50 exercises full of light and light codes for you and your energy body

The information in this card deck has been channelled. The cards will enable you to establish a very close connection with your own soul, angels, the ascended masters and a multitude of loving star beings. Your spiritual development will then become a matter between you and them – without the need for any intermediaries. You will be amazed at how natural this connection is.

The card deck has 44 cards with gold edges. The booklet has 124 pages in colour and the box has a magnetic closure. This is a very high quality card deck. It’s published in Danish and English.

Your galactic wisdom increases your ability to

  •     receive guidance from angels, masters and star energies, etc.
  •     communicate telepathically
  •     channel information
  •     maintain your trust in life
  •     draw down energy and light
  •     perform and engage in healing
  •     create from the energy of your soul and according to what you love to do

The following archangels, masters and starbeings feature in the card deck

Archangels: Ariel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Uriel and Zadkiel.

Masters: Sanat Kumara, Jesus, Melchizedek, and the goddess Sophia.

Star beings from Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra, Sirius and Andromeda.

Do you listen to your guides?

Can you relate to this?:

  • You desperately want an answer or a clarification of something?
  • You know you already have the answer, but you are not sure what it is?
  • You sometimes overthink your problems?

I find that the more we surrender to our guides, the potential of our soul and our own light, the stronger our connection with angels, masters and starbeings will become. We will then be able to tap into Galactic wisdom. This wisdom will help you become more intuitive in your everyday life.

This card deck is made in collaboration with angels, masters and starbeings to create this card deck so that YOU can develop YOUR GALACTIC WISDOM.


The cards contain messages and focal points that can give you guidance as you go about your everyday life. BUT the cards are also energetically coded. They contain light language. You can then receive light activation codes for your DNA when you practise the 50 exercises which are described in the deck.

The cards can therefore also be used for self-healing and activating your own light and potential through the opening of light portals. The cards therefore also support deep transformation and help you establish a direct connection with archangels, masters and starbeings.

The cards allow you to:

· receive messages, guidance for your everyday life

· develop your intuition

· receive healing and light activation

· release any density and blockages you may have

· train and improve your ability to sense the presence of archangels, masters and star beings

· train and improve your channelling abilities

The card deck is published by

Angel School Publishing

Thank you so much for your interest in the card deck.

At the moment its only available for wholesale. So if you have a small business, you can buy it via the wholesale link.

If that’s not an option for you, you can contact your local bookstore or spiritual store/shop, and they can get it home for you.

You can also follow the card deck and get card drawings from the co-author of the card deck Louise Sofia here