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The online session

50 minutes of channelled messages, upgrades, healing and light activations for you

Before the session I will send you a google meet link.

  • We talk briefly
  • You sit or lie down and receive channelled distant healing and light activations.
    Feel free to light a candle and make it cozy for yourself, like a little ceremony)
  • At the start of the healing, I open up as a channel and give you messages (approx. 10 min) from your guides and the energies.
    The messages are mostly what they would like to pass on to you at that moment.
    If you have a specific request, let me know in the beginning of the session.

The energies can be your guides, archangels, masters, star beings, other galactic light beings etc., or a mixture of them. Mostly they name themselves.

Louise Sofia Rørbech

The practical stuff

In this online session we both have cameras and sound on.

Price:   250 EUR

In advance, please pay the amount to my Danish account. Please transfer no later than two days before. You need the following info to do so:

IBAN: DK6130000012396945 – Swiftkode: DABADKKK
Company: Therapist Louise Sofia

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I am looking forward to channeling your guides for you