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My mission is to contribute to you unfolding the full potential of your soul, so that you can increase your own light and heart energy even more.

I channel and heal with the archangels, ascended masters, starbeings and other galactic energies. These high vibrational guides helps you and the earth’s ascension process into light, love and unity.

I am the co-author of the book: Becoming a Master, as well as this oracle card deck: Galactic Wisdom.

Welcome to lots of inspiration for your spiritual journey and your personal process.

Light and love from
Louise Sofia

What is channeling and who are your guides?

Channeling is when you open your entire energy field to your guides and other high vibrational beings of light.My experience is that your guides are a mix of archangels, masters, starbeings and other high vibrational beings of light. At least these are the ones I see and experience most often around my clients and students. It could also be others. Everyone has a lot of guides around them.When you channel, you let the energies take over your entire energy field and communicate with them through your senses.Depending on who you are as a channel, you can speak their messages to an audience, in groups and to clients in individual sessions.You can also write down their messages, draw (light language etc.), hear them speak, hear a song they give you (you usually have to use the text) and much more. It all depends on who you are as a channel. It’s a trip of a lifetime.I open myself up to all these high-vibrating guides, and don’t decide myself who comes through on the day in question, always super exciting! The ones that most often come through me are: The Pleiades, The counsil of light, Sanat Kumara, Christ, Mary Magdalene, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Goddess Sophia, The Acturians and other beings of light that I can see, hear, sense and feel.They don’t always say where they’re from or their name, but sometimes they point out to the galaxies. They also say that they are your family from ‘the other side’, from ‘the stars’ and that this is where you belong.All these guides and energies are coming closer and closer, both to help you in your personal life, but also to assist the great ascent of all humanity into the new golden age.Thanks for following. You help all of humanity by helping yourself and shining more and more.With love, Louise Sofia